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    pain is mandatory

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    free sims 2 seems cool and all but having to download origin to get it is probably a bigger cost than any price you could put on it

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    I’m trying to become a little more active on the Spiral Knights forums and I may or may not regret this decision

    These are the people who think the fire sword is the best sword to bring into the fire citadel, where everything is already on fire, instead of bringing…

    The main issue is that the slags don’t really move that often to begin with. Plus, the Shivermist Buster, assuming a party member has it, can work wonders since a full bomber set is most likely going to have charge time reduction, whereas sword users would probably build more for attack speed or straight damage unless they’re flat out relying on the Brandish line’s charge attack. In addition, Shivermist lingers and procs so often with such a high rate that it’s guaranteed to work and work for quite a long time. Glacius DOES seem like it’d do well in a passive role if no one felt like bringing a bomb along, though.

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